Soul Sessions

Different from life or leadership coaching, Soul Sessions focus on your inner experience of living an awakened, soul-inspired life. That is, being fully alive as a human being rather than a human doing. When we allow ourselves to let go and surrender into the fullness of who we really are, we feel deeply nourished, and we embody our vitality with ease. And when we live more embodied, we trust ourselves implicitly. Life becomes a magnificent mystery to experience, rather than an arduous journey.

Soul sessions explore your unique awakening from an energetic (kinaesthetic) and spiritual lens. Although awakening is a natural process of the soul’s evolution, and happens throughout our lives, letting go and aligning with our essence while this happens is not often easy, especially in a world that thrives on unconscious busyness. Here’s when having a trusted companion or guide to walk with you can be extremely helpful. A guide who compassionately invites you to see with an expansive perspective, to be curious about the mystery of your life, to encourage you to trust your inner voice, and who consistently reminds you of who you really are. Through this lens, you courageously explore, see, and sense your true creative self. And in doing so, you clear the blocks that prevent you from feeling whole, connected, and ultimately, enough just as you are. Soul Sessions may also help you uncover and discover the guidance of the Creator (Source, God, Great Mystery, Infinite Consciousness etc.) in your life.

In walking with you, I will invite you to integrate a variety of conscious awareness practices to support your own exploration and energetic embodiment. Examples include: reflective meditation, living questions, breathing, sound and voice practices, Qi Gong, and Earth-based rituals.

Feel alive!

Why Have Soul Sessions?

  • Feel purposeful and passionate about life

  • Strengthen self love, self compassion and self trust

  • Explore energy, intuition, consciousness

  • Communicate authentically, with empowered awareness

  • Explore your own sense of spirituality/soul
  • Experiencing grief/loss (death, break up, job loss, health challenges)
  • Dark night of the soul
  • Deepen creative expression
  • Feel peaceful and balanced on a consistent basis
  • Strengthen your relationship with higher consciousness
  • Create harmonious relationships

A. Explore

Turn towards your inner self and live what is in your heart.

(Phone, virtual & in-person)

Three 45 minute sessions

$435.00 + HST

Single Soul Session (45 minutes) $165.00 + HST

*Available to clients after completing three sessions*

B. Ancestral Clearing


Ancestral Clearing helps release the energetic imprints of limiting experiences from our life and that of our family lineage. When these are released, we can access our true essence of our being-ness and reclaim our lives.

(Phone, virtual from anywhere in the world, or in-person)

20 minutes

$85.00 + HST


Soul Sessions and Ancestral Clearings:

Are not treatment or therapy of any kind, including naturopathic medicine, conventional medicine, therapy, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or counselling.

Are not a substitute for any form of medical advice/treatment/intervention, crisis intervention, psychological treatment, rehabilitation or care. 

Do not deal with anxiety or depression, disease, pain, injury, nor do these sessions apply any medical, mental health or human development principles regarding any disease, condition, deformity or physical, mental or emotional condition.

Do not offer diagnosis or assessment.

Do not, and are not, intended to influence your beliefs, faith, religion or otherwise convince you of anything.

Payment is due prior to session(s).

Results are not guaranteed.



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Learn to focus on your inner experience of living an awakened, soul-inspired life.

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